welcome to my site. i love football, everything about it. the trenches, the determination, and the drive to do what you love to do. this is a site about what football is to me. hope you like it.

Growing Up

growing up playing football i wasnt very good at all. it was required that every kid play 4 downs and thats all i played. if i played anything it was on kickoff or something simple like that. my team was the ridglea roughnecks and it wasnt until around the end of pee-wee football that i started getting more and more playing time playing fullback or tight-end. then i transitioned from pee-wee to middle school football.

Middle School

in middle school i started try outs slowly nervous about not being very good. i started try outs at d-line and did well so the coaches decided to try me out at linebacker. impressed, thats where i started for my 7th and 8th grade years. i was also the backup quarterback but only actualy played one drive. being the no-name tackler on the plays everyone forgets about. confident in my newfound skills at that position. the time came for high school football.

High School

freshman year in high school football was amazing. in the beginning i was starting linebacker, backup quarterback, and also became the backup runningback. every once and a while i would go out to slot reciever for blocking purposes. a few games into the season the jv team was in need for a strong safety and decided to move me up. also to start at quarterback. after a very successful freshman year at quarterback (beating a team 58-0), in my sophmore year i gained some weight and the coach decided to move me to center. a few good games here and there and before i knew it, it was football season junior year. instead of being on the offensive side of the line, i moved to the defensive line and had a very successful year. averaging at least one sack a game. since then i have moved to nebraska where hopefuly i can bring some success with me to help out my new team to have a great senior year season.